About entering the competition
  • What are the benefits of entering this competition?
    Winners of the competition will gain recognition, establish their names, set trends, uncover business opportunities and open new doors in the market.
  • Who is eligible to compete?
    The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 is open to all budding and professional jewellery designers as well as students and graduates from all jewellery design disciplines.
  • What is the cost of entering the competition?
    The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 is free to enter.
  • How do I enter the competition?
    Entries can be submitted via mail or online from 1 March through to 31 May 2017.
    Online: Register and submit your entries through our official website 
    WeChat: Register and submit your entries through our official WeChat Platform: @xifudesign
    By mail: Download the registration form on our official website  and mail the completed form with your sketches to UBM Asia at 17/F, China Resources Building, 28 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
    (Please mark your envelope with: Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017)
  • Is it possible to participate in both categories of the competition?
    Yes, as long as your entries meet the given guidelines. Please refer to our official website for more details.
  • Is group registration allowed?
    No. This competition only invites entrants to compete as an individual.
  • What will be the arrangement for finalists?
    Organisers will notify the finalists by email to invite them to attend the award ceremony in China in September. Organisers will be responsibe for the travel arrangement of the finalists while overseas entrants may need to apply visa on their own.
About the judges of the competition
  • What will be the judging process?
    The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 endeavours to run a thorough and rigorous judging process in two stages – preliminary and final. The judges will review all the entries and evaluate each piece of work based on the agreed judging criteria. Those who reach the final stage of the competition will be notified of the details by email and receive a free roundtrip ticket to Shenzhen China for the awards ceremony.
  • Is the entrant responsible for producing design into product for final judging?
    No. The competition committee will be responsible for producing finalised entries for final judging process. Entrants are not required to bear the cost of production.
About the prizes of the competition
  • What are the prizes of the competition?
    Apart from our attractive list of prizes, winners will also be rewarded with an opportunity to establish a business cooperation contract with the “Xifu” brand, which will lead to worldwide media coverage, promotions with “Xifu” official retailers, roadshows, exhibition tours, and many more invaluable business opportunities.
  • Is it possible to win prizes in both categories?
    Yes. Entries for the Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition will be evaluated anonymously, impartially and ethically based on the judging criteria.
About the entries of the competition
  • What product categories are covered by the requirement for a set of two or more pieces’?
    All submitted designs must have a set of two or more pieces using gold of 18-karat or above. There are no restrictions on the product categories – tiaras, brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets or anklets are all acceptable.
  • What other materials can be included in the entries?
    For the Gem-set Gold Jewellery category, you may incorporate gem materials such ascoloured gemstones or pearls, with gold, white gold, rose gold and black gold as thepredominant material of the piece. No precious stones, ivory, platinum, Hawksbill shell or other materials from any endangered animals can be used in your design.
  • If my entries do not qualify for the preliminary stage, is the organising committee allowed to use my entries for any other purpose?
    Yes. The organising committee owns the right to all submitted entries.
  • If I win the competition, can I sell or engage in any business activity with my entries?
    As the organising committee owns the rights to all submitted entries, you cannot use your entries for any other business activity.
  • Can I submit my previously awarded entries for this competition?
    The same design or a new draft of the same design submitted to other competitions will NOT be accepted.