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      Characteristics of the price of the balancing machine and troubleshooting methods

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      Characteristics of the price of the balancing machine and troubleshooting methods

      Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

      The driving methods of the balancing machine's drag rotor include loop drag, coupling drag and self-drive.

      1, ring belt drag ---- is the use of rubber endless belt or silk endless belt, the rotor is driven by the motor pulley, so the belt drag requires the rotor surface must have a smooth cylindrical surface The advantage of moving is that it does not affect the amount of unbalance of the rotor, and the balance accuracy is high.


      The universal joint connects the main shaft of the balancer with the rotor. The characteristics of coupling drag are suitable for the rotor with irregular appearance, which can transmit larger torque, suitable for dragging rotors with large wind resistance such as fans. The disadvantage of coupling drag is that the imbalance of the coupling itself will affect The rotor has an impact (so the coupling must be balanced before use), and interference will be introduced to affect the accuracy of the balance. In addition, a large number of connecting disks must be made to adapt to different types of rotors.

      3, self-driven-is the use of the rotor's own power to rotate. Self-driving is the dragging method that has the least impact on the balance accuracy. The balance accuracy can be the highest, but only the special rotors allowed by the structure can use this dragging method.

        The requirement of the balance machine to correct the imbalance of the workpiece exceeds the ability of the balance machine to reach the minimum unbalance amount, that is, the balance accuracy of the balance machine cannot meet the requirements of the workpiece balance.

      The balanced rotor will have obvious vibration in actual use. This is not caused by the rotor's own imbalance, but the higher harmonics caused by the rotor supporting journal being elliptical or the stiffness difference in the rotor structure. The vibration caused by electromagnetic excitation, the effect of air eddy current generated by the rotor with blades during the rotation, the resonance of the system and so on. Frequencies caused by power supply fluctuations and noise due to frequent startup of other equipment connected to the power grid, or due to close diameters of both the support rollers and the rotor journals. The difference between the roller diameter and the journal size should be greater than 20%.

      Due to the unbalance of the process mandrel itself or the coaxiality error of the mandrel installation and support, and the gap error between the mandrel and the rotor due to the balancer checking the rotor without a journal, the balanced rotor repeats When installed or used, a large imbalance occurs.

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